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1- To avoid loneliness and isolation of all our residents - keep them active, so they always have somebody who takes care after them and pays attention to all their needs and feelings...

2- To improve quality of our services (e.g. personalized attention of our professionals). All our installations are adopted to all the needs of our clients. Our center has the most advanced technological equipment for their complete recovery.

3- 24-hours-care and high-qualified employees who have inmediate answer to all your questions.

4- Protocoles that allow us to offer  personalized and long-term attention to all our clients. Adaptation of our center to all their physical and psychological needs offering them a huge variety of free-time activities, so they feel like at home.

5-  We count with a special human resources team which is responsible for chosing the best professionals for our center. All the people that work here have been chosen because of their qualifications and wonderful treatment of our clients.

6-  We use the best equipment available to meet all your physical and psychological needs.

7- We are trying to offer you safe and comfortable environment, which is accesible and adaptable to the functional needs of all our residents.

8-  To make easier integration and life in our care home, trying to support all the possible relations with its surrounding, respecting all the time intimacy and privacy of our clients.

9- To improve life quality of our residents, their well-being and their satisfaction with aging process, stressing importance of their autonomy in making all their decisions.

10- To offer preventive care, rehabilitation and social assistance, mostly through our highly personalized attention.

11- Being support for the families of our residents and our residents themselves thanks to the variety of specific programmes of orientation  that make possible their active participation in our center. 
Care Home Nova Santa Ana
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