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Own kitchen and special menus adopted to the needs of our residents and created by our medical team with help of a team of professionals in dietetics.

Specific diets allow adaptation of all the alimentation to the needs of our residents, so they can feel like at home.

It is important to inform that types of diets depend on the year season. We are trying to design all the diets according to the climate, so we have special summer and winter diets.

We would like to stress that we also prepare special family menus, so families of our residents can fell like at home as well (they can spend maximum of their time with their family members who stay with us).

Types of diets:

  • Basic/normal diet
  • Diabetic diet
  • Hypocaloric diet (1.200 Kcal)
  • Hypocaloric diet (1.800 Kcal)
  • Sodium diet
  • Gastric protection diet
  • Astringent diet
  • Easy mastication diet
  • Crushed diet

Moreover, we also offer other types of diets designed for different kinds of pathologies and/or exploratory tests:

  • Renal deficiency
  • Liver diseases
  • Biliary pathology
  • Liquid or semiliquid
  • Diet with modified number of proteins
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