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Our marketing philosophy is based on the quality as the best way to guarantee our clients the best attention and professional service.

Among our objectives is to offer  our residents complex individual quality service using active methodology that includes active participation of all our residents and their families. We encourage our residents and their families to participate in all our activities that are organized stressing always the importance of communication and creating nets of relationships and solidarity.

Our objective is to be one of the best in our field of work thanks to our services that together with our marketing enable us to maximize satisfaction of all involved parts.

To establish certain quality level that can satisfy all the expectatives of our clients: residents, families, public administration and society in general. Our quality policy is based on the concept that quality needs superation of all the expectatives of involved parts and in improving of our services. This is the main responsability of all our team as well as the result of their own motivation and participation.

Our management has prepared the following quality objectives:

  • To satisfy or exceed expectatives of our clients.
  • To know perfectly and follow the current legislation which is related to our activities.
  • To improve the efficacy of our quality marketing service.
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Care Home Nova Santa Ana
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