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All rooms in NOVA SANTA ANA have been designed to offer maximum comfort and quality to all our clients. They are both individual or shared.

Its equipment has been designed by the companies specialized in geriatric appliances. Both individual and shared rooms have equipment of the last generation talking about material and services.


  • Bells and intercom for communication with the nursing room.
  • Air-conditioning and heating.
  • Phone and TV connection.

Each room has its own bathroom adopted to all the residents (depending on their level of dependency).

Each bathroom has shower with wall grips, reclining bar in the zone of the toilet, cabinet for cosmetics, washbasin, mirror and shower chair with backing and seat in H form. Soap holder, hangers, hairdryer, rubbish bin, toilet.

The furniture in each room consists of: double wardrobe, desk, armchair, bedside table, last generation electrical bed with four levels, wheels with individual breaks, handrails and headboard, viscoelastic mattrass especially designed for this types of beds and users. The elevation of the bed is electrical (hydraulic piston) and allows to change the height of the bed (from 13.4 in over the floor to 30.7 in over the floor), so each resident can choose the best height for him to lie down or stand up from it.

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